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Keely Carpenter

My role at Fineline is:


What makes Fineline different:

Fineline is different as the atmosphere in the office is relaxed but professional, friendly and an enjoyable place to work

If I could be doing anything right now it would be:

If I could be doing anything right now, it would have to be relaxing by a pool somewhere hot, with a cocktail and Channing Tatum

The most adventurous thing I have ever done is:

The most exciting thing I’ve ever done…. Wow this is where you figure you have led a really boring life!!! The only thing I can think of is last summer I did a Zumba flash mob at a local shopping centre, that was fun, I guess if Channing Tatum was there it have been exciting!

If you could go out for a meal with anyone, who would it be:

Who I would have dinner with.. Well, based on the 2 previous answers it’s only fair I go with my man Chan, but we’d definitely skip desert!